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Robert Sayegh
Managing Partner/ Executive Producer


Whether it be a fictitious Restaurant called Capadioni’s with its own fully developed menu, sending in Atari game ideas to the company in the hopes of inventing a new video game, or just running around Cobble Hill with his friends pretending that he was in a movie and discovering new lands on a cement dolphin in the park they nick-named “Dolph”, even at the age of 8, this Brooklyn-born writer has always had a passion to create.


After graduating from The George Washington University with a BA in Marketing & Advertising, Rob attended the Miami Ad School to learn Copywriting. He launched his career in the entertainment industry working on Live Events with MTV and VH1 and quickly spread his roots wherever he could within the film and TV production world. In his 20+ year career, Rob assisted in, recruited for, and supervised almost all facets of TV and film production and participated in many writing and pitch teams, including those presented to Discovery Channel, HGTV, PBS, Sesame Street, ESPN2, True Entertainment, The Cooking Channel, and NBC Universal. Rob also worked as the Casting Director for numerous films and TV series, including shows on Lifetime Television and the MLB Network. As a freelance Producer and Writer, Rob worked on The VMAs, Fashionably Loud, Divas, The Marriage Ref, Ice Loves Coco, Fan Cave, and was the Associate Producer/Writer for the James Beard Award Winning Culinary program, Food Trip with Todd English.

Rob started Salmon Sky and R World Media to develop and produce his own films and TV series; R World to focus on TV and talent management (Musicians and Actors), Marketing & Advertising, and Salmon Sky to concentrate more on the Film side.


Rob wrote and published a novel, The Dividing Line, which he is now developing into a feature film. After writing both the concept short and feature screenplays for BEYOND THE RUSH, Rob developed and was the Executive Producer, Casting Director, and Location Scout for the concept short, winning the prestigious Director’s Choice Award for Best Overall Short at the 2017 RINCON International Film Festival, the Audience Award at NewFilmmakers NY Spring 2017, and was an official selection at the 2016 Big Apple Film Festival (BAFF). Rob then wrote the screenplay for the feature version of BEYOND THE RUSH and is casting and preparing for pre-production.

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